Happy International Women’s Day 2018

Posted 03.08.18 | By Kelly Thornton | Comments

On this International Women’s Day we stand proud of what has been gained and mindful of our responsibility to the future. As a feminist theatre, Nightwood is part of a bigger conversation that is unfolding in society around gender parity, power imbalance, and human rights for all. It is a significant moment in time, and we are emboldened by the chorus of voices who are pushing for real change. But while this day is symbolic, it is only a day, and its significance must move towards action, not simply lip service.

#PushForProgress is the focus for this year’s International Women’s Day. As we gaze out on the horizon, we can envision a future that propels women forward, but our struggle is inherently interconnected to redressing systemic power imbalance in terms of race, class and colonization. This is our fight too.

Nightwood uses art as its activism – words as a way to raise our collective consciousness and affect change. Thank you to everyone who continues to support us, see our work and see the value in what we do. Happy International Women’s Day everyone. Now let’s get to work.

-Kelly Thornton
Artistic Director
Nightwood Theatre

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