The Groundswell Festival 2007

September 9 to September 15, 2007

The Groundswell Festival is a nationally recognized forum for the creation and development of theatre by women. The festival boasts impressive alumnae including Morwyn Brebner, Alex Bulmer, Marjorie Chan, Claudia Dey, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Celia McBride, Monique Mojica, Sonja Mills, Djanet Sears and Jean Yoon.

The 2007 Programming included:

Sunday, September 9 at 4pm - Busting Out!
A collective creation from our free summer program for girls (12-16), crafted from their own writing and under the guidance of professional female artists. Program Director is Anna Chatterton.

Monday, Sept. 10 at 8pm -The Unfortunate Misadventures of Masha Galinski
By Erin Shields. Inspired by the feminist fairy tales of Angela Carter, Masha journeys to an erotically-tinged storyland where danger and absurdity go hand in hand.


Tuesday, September 11 at 8pm - Desert Story
By Dennison Smith.  In the Navaho Desert on her 15th birthday, a girl reviews her life.


Wednesday, September 12 at 8pm - Light Swooping Through
By Stacey Engels.  Inspired by the life, art, and writings of Emily Carr, this is a journey into the wonderland of the creative process


Thursday, September 13 at 8pm - a nanking winter
By Marjorie Chan.  The brave pen of a young writer transports us to one of the most horrible massacres in the 20th century.


Friday, September 14 at 8pm - Oil Man
By Sonja Mills.  The Jones family has an illustrious hundred year history with the Empire Oil Company but the end of an era is upon us…


Friday, September 14 at 8pm - The Corpse Bride
By Niki Landau.  Based on a famous Yiddish folk tale this movement piece is about the survival of love.


Saturday, September 15 at 8pm - Write From The Hip
A fresh slate of short plays from our youth playwriting program – playwrights include Steph Berntson, Jayne Collins, Audrey Dwyer, Julia Lederer, Arti Mehta and Rebecca Singh.  After five-months of weekly mentoring and workshops, The Hip culminates in these staged readings with professional directors, actors and participants of our Emerging Actors program. Program Director is Lisa Codrington.


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