The Danish Play

By Sonja Mills
Directed by Kelly Thornton
February 22 - March 17, 2007

Back by Popular demand, Sonja Mills’ The Danish Play returned to Toronto after a national and international tour! Kate Hennig led a powerful ensemble in this riveting production that received massive critical acclaim. The Danish Play, a true story of resistance, is the swirling saga of Agnete Ottosen, the Danish Poet and famed Resistance fighter. Sonja Mills, Ottosen’s great-niece, has written a play that offers historical insight and critical reflection on some of the most urgent issues of our time- nationalism, justice and freedom.

Starring Kate Hennig with Christine Brubaker, Eric Goulem, Randi Helmers, Bruce Hunter, Clare Preuss and Clinton Walker.

“The understated artistry of The Danish Play sneaks up on you very slowly…by the time the evening is through, it has emerged as the deft and subtle account of a story set in Nazi-occupied Denmark that only blossoms int

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