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The Happy Woman

March 5 to 24, 2012
The Happy Woman is performed at:
Berkeley Street Theatre Downstairs
26 Berkeley Street

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“...the second consecutive triumph, following The Penelopiad.”
- The National Post
“the characters are deftly drawn, the relationships are powerfully performed and the set and costumes are fantastic.”
- Mooney on Theatre
“...precisely what you want when you see a good show.”
- TheSceneInTO
“...you gotta go see it.” - Life with More Cowbell
Video interview with Maev Beaty and Rose Cullis -Xtra!
“brings us inside the lives of people we might observe from a distance and lets us see how they have (or have not) found their peace.” - The Globe and Mail

Nightwood Theatre presents the World Premiere

by Rose Cullis

Directed by Kelly Thornton

Cassie wants to be normal, Christian wants to be perfect and Margaret just wants to be happy. But what’s lurking beneath this family’s glossy veneer? The Happy Woman is a darkly comic exploration of what happens when bliss gets in the way of truth and threatens to destroy the very foundation we rely on.

”...a fascinating play of complex characters in prickly situations; some of which will make your neck hairs stand on end. Cullis is a strong writer with a vivid way of telling a compelling story.”
-Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter

“I look at her, and she’s so vulnerable andwide open, and I think how strange it is that the same thing that makes us beautiful is what makes us so easy to destroy.”
-from The Happy Woman

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