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January 13-February 1, 2015
HER2 featured an all-star cast in a probing, heart-wrenching examination of the uneasy relationship between medical science and the human spirit.
Seven women with one thing in common—a highly aggressive form of breast cancer—are recruited for a clinical trial of a new drug. While the researcher measures its progress in terms of blood counts and tumour sizes, the subjects of her experiment, struggle to deal with the renewed dread that paradoxically accompanies this sudden glimmer of hope in their lives. As the group under goes the treatment they bond together into a community characterized not by medical statistics but by their human qualities of courage, humour, and wisdom.

New Groundswell Festival 2014

Our annual festival of new work by women! Over 10 days, The New Groundswell Festival 2014 features two workshop productions as well as an industry series consisting of a National Reading Series, provocative audience engagement panels, industry events and open forums.

2013-14 Season Info

2013-14 Season Brochure

Emotional Creature

V-Day Toronto, with the generous support of Nightwood Theatre and Young People’s Theatre, is pleased to present two benefit performances of Emotional Creature by Eve Ensler, directed by Tanisha Taitt. Emotional Creature is a production based on Ensler’s book I Am An Emotional Creature: The Secret Lives Of Girls Around The World, a moving collection of fictional monologues, stories and music inspired by interviews with teenaged girls all around the globe. Bold, funny, poignant, and smart, the bestselling book was the catalyst for V-Girls, a growing network of young female activists working to make conditions better for girls worldwide. Emotional Creature is an affirmation of the authentic voice inside every girl, no matter what her circumstances, and an invitation to girls everywhere to raise their voices, claim their bodies, follow their hearts, and strive to be who they were born to be.

Free Outgoing

January 28 to February 16, 2014
Factory Theatre Mainstage
One message is all it took. When a young girl is filmed during a sexual indiscretion, the video clip spreads like a virus infecting her community and then the entire country with a burning moral outrage. Free Outgoing sets the rampant technology of the modern world against the conservatism of traditional India, and asks the universal question, how can we protect our girls in the digital age?

The Carousel

March 11 to 30, 2014
Berkeley Street Theatre Downstairs
From Governor General’s Award-winning playwright Jennifer Tremblay comes the sequel to The List. Told through a series of carousel rides, a woman drives along the north shore of Quebec to be with her dying mother, and is thrust into a maze of memories, launching her quest to reconcile the unresolved relationships of three generations of women.

2012-13 Season

View our 2012-13 Season Brochure and Calendar

Between the Sheets

What begins as an ordinary parent teacher interview unravels into a gripping and raw confrontation between two women on the brink of . One woman is fighting to protect her family. The other is fighting for the family she always wanted. With razor sharp intensity, Mand has crafted a rollercoaster ride of high stakes drama.

FemCab 2013

Shoshana Sperling hosts FemCab 2013, Nightwood Theatre’s annual International Women’s day celebration!

The New Groundswell Festival 2013

Over 10 days, The New Groundswell Festival features 3 plays by women as well as an industry series consisting of a masterclass, readings, provocative audience engagement panels and open forums.

The Penelopiad

From our 2011-12 and 2012-13 season: “Now that I’m dead, I know everything.” So begins The Penelopiad, Margaret Atwood’s daring response to Homer’s The Odyssey. Destined to spend eternity in Hades, Penelope recounts her life’s story and the murder of her twelve handmaidens by her vengeful husband Odysseus. Atwood’s acerbic wit brings one of history’s most powerful myths to the contemporary imagination. A provocative new look at a woman’s longing, lust and culpability.

2011-12 Season

Our 2012-13 season brochure. Featuring The New Groundswell Fesitval, The Penelopiad and Between The Sheets.


Seventh Stage Theatre Productions in association with Nightwood Theatre presents the North American Premiere by Bryony Lavery
Todd and Kali are the perfect self-styled couple: They’re beautiful, have a fabulous sex life and live in a designer home. But under the surface is a distrust and desire so potent that even a much-anticipated holiday to Stockholm is threatened. Probing into the psychology of Stockholm Syndrome, Lavery transports us into a lovers’ dance that is at once destructive and euphoric. Stockholm leaves us questioning the fine lines between love and lust, aggressor and victim.

The Happy Woman

by Rose Cullis

Directed by Kelly Thornton

Cassie wants to be normal, Christian wants to be perfect and Margaret just wants to be happy. But what’s lurking beneath this family’s glossy veneer? The Happy Woman is a darkly comic exploration of what happens when bliss gets in the way of truth and threatens to destroy the very foundation we rely on.

FemCab 2011

Nightwood Theatre’s International Women’s Day Celebration! This sell-out event is now in its 28th year.
The only cabaret in town where performers of every discipline come together in an irreverent and boisterous celebration of women!!  This year it will be hosted by Sandra Battaglini, Canadian comedy award-winner for her show, Hard Headed Woman


Obsidian Theatre Company in association with Nightwood Theatre presents the Toronto Premiere of Ruined. Set in a present-day small mining town in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lynn Nottage’s Ruined (2009 Pulitzer Prize for Drama) follows a young woman’s nightmarish path to Mama Nadi, a savvy businesswoman who, in the midst of a complex civil war, both protects and profits from the women whose bodies have become battlegrounds. At once heartbreaking and captivating, Ruined pays homage to the courageous and resilient women who must piece themselves together after the ruin.

The List

From the celebrated Québec dramatist, Jennifer Tremblay, comes this moving and masterfully crafted tour-de-force. A woman invites us into her kitchen. Her neighbour is dead. Is she culpable for the death? The woman, who prides herself on never letting anything slip by, has overlooked an item on her list. A riveting tale of everyday to-do lists in which the essential and the ordinary are inextricably entwined. This powerful play stars one of Canada’s most revered stage actors, Allegra Fulton, best known for her solo tour-de-force Frida K. which garnered her international acclaim, winning awards in New York City, Toronto, Mexico City and across Canada.

4x4 Festival Overview

As part of Nightwood Theatre’s 30th Anniversary Season, the 4x4 Festival marked a momentous occasion for the company.  The Festival and Director’s Summit, drew upwards of 16,000 audience members and 150 delegates from across Canada

FemCab 2010

The only cabaret in town where performers of every discipline come together in an irreverent and boisterous celebration of women!!
FemCab 2010 was hosted by Ellen-Ray Hennessy and Lisa Karen Cox with house band, The Guiomar Campbell Trio with ten extraordinary performers (music, comedy, dance, film, theatre and more) showing their wares.

No Exit

This existential masterpiece gets a 21st century treatment as a ‘live movie’ in this extraordinary, hybrid film and theatre theatre performance conceived and directed by the prolific Kim Collier – one of the most exciting Canadian directors of this generation in her Toronto debut. 

Serious Money

Serious Money established Caryl Churchill as one of the most powerful and innovative satirists of our time. Set amongst the world of champagne, stock exchange swindles and big business, it is a blisteringly funny three-ring circus of selfishness and greed.
Starring the Graduating Class of Ryerson Theatre School.

That Face

Mia is at boarding school. She has access to drugs. They are Martha’s. Henry has dropped out of school. He has access to alcohol. From Martha. Martha controls their lives. Martha is their mother. That Face is a powerful and darkly comic exploration of children who become parents to their parents. A dazzling debut by Polly Stenham that recently took London’s West End by storm, That Face is an explosive portrayal of an affluent family in freefall. Winner of the Evening Standard Award and was written when Stenham was only 19 years old.

The Directors Summit

A gathering of theatre professionals from across Canada and around the world to connect and exchange ideas on the art of interpretation. Motivated by the desire to propel career opportunities for women through showcase, training and discourse, Nightwood has assembled a roster of renowned national and international directors for panels, masterclasses, networking and more. Join us for an exciting week of revelation, introspection and innovation in theatre.


A 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Drama Finalist and winner of the prestigious 2002/2003 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, this seminal play is an edgy and provocative examination of the complexities of inter-racial prejudice, centering around the relationship between Eugene, a light-skinned black man, and Alma, a dark-skinned black woman. Yet Yellowman is much more than a story about race and prejudice. It’s a love story and a tale about families and the damage they inflict upon their members. Black or white, you will recognize the shades of gray.

Bear With Me

Comedy-marvel and performer Diane Flacks takes you on an up-front-and-personal, hilarious and poignant journey in an exploration of the all-consuming rollercoaster that will leave you in stitches (not down there).  From pregnancy to queer-parenting and from conception to the real “ring of fire”, Bear With Me culminates in the love affair with her child and the search for self amidst the chaos. This stage adaptation of her book by the same name is a comic flight into the secret and insane world of motherhood.

Groundswell Festival 08-09

New work by Lisa Codrington, Florence Gibson, Natalie Meisner, Maia Kareda, Beatriz Pizano, Sally Stubbs and Madeleine Blais Dahlem in our annual festival of new work by women.

Wild Dogs

Each evening at dusk, six people gather at the edge of the woods calling their dogs back – dogs that have turned wild.  Drawn together by need, this unlikely group forms a community – until violence strikes unexpectedly. An unforgettable story about the wild in all of us

a nanking winter

A brazen young writer’s campaign to ensure the past is not forgotten is challenged as she prepares for her book release - transporting us to one of the greatest horrors of the twentieth century.

Age of Arousal

Genre-busting, rule-bending and ambitiously original, award-winning playwright Linda Griffiths’ Age of Arousal is a lavish, sexy ensemble piece about the forbidden and gloriously liberated self.

The Groundswell Festival 2007

New work by Sonja Mills, Erin Shields, Dennison Smith, Niki Landau, Marjorie Chan and Stacey Engels in our annual festival of new work by women.


Crave presents four characters, or perhaps four aspects of human nature, set in an unnamed city. Two men and two women, each only having a letter for a name, are linked through various relationships. The ferocity of craving someone, or something, is palpable in this intriguing inter-textual work. Sarah Kane paints four portraits of the turbulence of the human heart as these four individuals negotiate the pressures of love, loss and desire.

The Danish Play

Back by Popular demand, Sonja Mills’ The Danish Play returned to Toronto after a national and international tour! Kate Hennig led a powerful ensemble in this riveting production that received massive critical acclaim. The Danish Play, a true story of resistance, is the swirling saga of Agnete Ottosen, the Danish Poet and famed Resistance fighter. Sonja Mills, Ottosen’s great-niece, has written a play that offers historical insight and critical reflection on some of the most urgent issues of our time- nationalism, justice and freedom.


An aging woman’s sexuality, a marriage in midlife crisis and the taboo of a young boy’s flesh, Mathilde is a feast of emotional contradictions. An arrestingly honest look at a woman trying to reclaim her individuality in midlife, someone who has banished herself from her comfortable, upper middle class marriage, and her successful career to a self-imposed excommunication fueled by sexual abandonment.

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