2018-2019 Season

Young Innovators Program

Emerging artists aged 18-28 get an inside look into the creative process, learn the essential skills necessary to run a theatre company, and become an ambassador for Canada’s National Women’s Theatre.

Young Innovators 2017-18
Nightwood is pleased to be working with this group of multi-talented emerging artists for the 2017-18 season: Justine Christiensen, Adriana DeAngelis, Ellen Denny, Julie Foster, Cathy Huang, Bryn Kennedy, Natalie Liconti, Mirka Loiselle, Barbara Martinez, Lucy McPhee, Rachel Mutombo, Keshia Palm, Andrea Rankin, Melissa Taylor, Samantha Vu and Lauren Wolanski.

“A wonderful team of artists! Between tailored workshops, producing opportunities and access to special events such as play readings/launch parties, the fierce team at Nightwood welcomed us into their community with open arms! The program provided us with a look into the inner workings of a successful Toronto based theatre company!”

-Veronica Baron, 16/17 Young Innovator

“Being a part of the Young Innovators has made an indelible impact on me. I have been empowered, inspired, and emboldened. The women in this group blow me away, and we have created a beautiful and highly capable community that I know will endure beyond the length of the program. Like many young people in this industry, I am looking beyond performance to forge a career in theatre. Nightwood has done so much to help me envision what that path might look like and to equip with the skills I will need as my work grows to include marketing, producing, and development. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I cannot imagine this year without it!”

- Annie MacKay, 16/17 Young Innovator




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