Lawyer Show 2017

We are so excited to share this announcement with you! This year we have searched under every rock researching for our selection. The first reveal is that we are super excited to announce that our 2017 Lawyer Show will be a MUSICAL!

In choosing our show each year we have many considerations. We always consider casting to be the central issue. As a fundraiser we need a show that has a large cast - 35 to be exact - and has substantial opportunity for chorus members.  While musicals seem to be an obvious choice to accommodate this some just don’t actually cut it in terms of chorus. We also consider age diversity to accommodate the many interested lawyers we have of all ages.

We also have found in our research that the musical as a genre suffers quite widely from sexism and there are many low scoring musicals that have become classics. As a feminist theatre company we want to be mindful of this even if the Lawyer Show falls slightly outside of our mandate. After all it wasn’t Wilma Shakespeare who wrote all those wonderful Lawyer Shows of the past.

So we sniffed around for the smartest, funniest, feminist story we could find and we found a doozey. It has the largest and most interesting chorus we’ve ever had, with many chorus speaking parts even! It has many, many great roles, with a diversity of ages, types and levels of sing-ability.

Some enticing facts about this musical that may be of interest: 

This musical was first a book, then a movie, then on stage.
This musical was doing over a million dollars a week in its first run on Broadway.
This musical was written by a woman, about a character who finds her voice.
It features live animals, a lot of pink and a lead character who became an inspiration to a generation of young women and girls.
This musical features a Greek chorus of sorority sisters.
This musical is about the world of law.
This musical was given permission by Harvard to use its name because they said they thought the script was really smart.
This musical takes on sexual harassment and smashes stereotypes.
It features a Fedex deliveryman in hot pants, a very silly spoof of Riverdance, show stoppers such as “Gay or European” and has left us all with the cultural legacy of the Bend and Snap.
This musical is blonde.
Legally Blonde.

Auditions will take place in October. More details will be released September 2nd!

Book by Heather Hach
Music and Lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin
Directed by Kelly Thornton
Running June 9-11, 2017 at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts

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