Groundswell Festival 2018

Write from the Hip Reading Series, from September 25 - 30, 2018

Write From The Hip Workshop Readings

Readings from our 2017/18 Emerging Playwrights program
Facilitated by Andrea Donaldson
September 25 – 30, 2018
Dancemakers Centre for Creation Theatre Studio 313, The Distillery District

Be the first to hear new work from some of the most exciting emerging female playwrights in the city. The 2017-18 Write from the Hip writers are Intisar Awisse, Monica Garrido, Meghan Greeley, Ali Joy Richardson, Chelsea Woolley, and Andrea Scott in partnership with Nick Green. Write from the Hip is a year-long script development program designed to support new writers toward the completion of a full-length play. Come hear what these talented playwrights have created.

NIGHTWOOD THEATRE’S 2018-19 Groundswell Festival Schedule

Every Day She Rose

Co-written by Andrea Scott and Nick Green

Tuesday, September 25 7:00PM

In a diverse, metropolitan city, two best friends, following their annual tradition of attending the Pride parade, discover they’re no longer on the same page when identity politics and civil disobedience crash the party. Pride goeth before the fall couldn’t be more apt as the personal becomes political with heartbreaking results.


X Marks The Spot

Written by Monica Garrido

Wednesday, September 26 7:00PM

Alex, a writer from Mexico who has just moved to Toronto, is trying to pen the perfect story for the love of her life in the hopes of mending their relationship. At the suggestion of her writing instructor, Alex turns to a Groupon deal on improv classes to help cure her writer’s block. Through her unlikely new hobby, Alex will not only break out of her comfort zone, but will be forced to face the decision that led her to leave Mexico.

Enormity, Girl, and the Earthquake in Her Lungs

Written by Chelsea Woolley

Thursday, September 27 7:00PM

Vic has just arrived in a women’s shelter. She has been told to sit on her bed and wait for the police. Sit and wait just eight minutes. Yet eight minutes is an intolerable enormity for a brain in crisis. Vic and the six personified parts of her traumatized brain, struggle to confront what has happened to them, and commit to the refuge offered from a system often designed to remove a victim’s personal agency over her legal, medical, psychological, and economic choices.


Written by Ali Joy Richardson
Sundy, September 30 4:00PM

Fool is inspired by the only female jester in recorded English history, Jane the Fool.

After years of touring wagon plays and performing barroom stand-up comedy, Jane lands her dream job as the Royal Fool. Suddenly, as the King’s confidant, she discovers life in the inner circle is fraught with ethical nightmares. What is the role of the comedian when the world’s on fire?

Fool is set in Medieval times, featuring a peasant chorus and thoroughly contemporary language.



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