By Sarah Kane
Directed by Jennifer Tarver
April 26-May 19, 2006

Nightwood Theatre produced the Toronto premiere of Crave, the work of Britain’s renegade playwright Sarah Kane.  Sarah Kane is considered one of the most important and exciting playwrights to emerge in Britain in the final decades of the last millennium.  Her work is discussed along side such legends as Samuel Beckett, Harold Pinter and Caryl Churchill.  Kane struggled with depression for much of her adult life but continued to work but tragically, after repeated suicide attempts, she hanged herself in 1999.  She left a legacy of five plays including Crave – each a new investigation of form and theatrical extremes.  Her canon of work continues to be translated and performed across the world – at one point in 2003, there were 17 simultaneous productions of her plays in Germany alone.

Crave presents four characters, or perhaps four aspects of human nature, set in an unnamed city. Two men and two women, each only having a letter for a name, are linked through various relationships. The ferocity of craving someone, or something, is palpable in this intriguing inter-textual work. Sarah Kane paints four portraits of the turbulence of the human heart as these four individuals negotiate the pressures of love, loss and desire.


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