Young Innovators Program

Young Innovators 2018-19

Nightwood is pleased to be working with this group of multi-talented emerging artists for the 2018-19 season: Brittany Banks, Jasmine Cabanilla, Rais Clarke-Mendes, Ellie Elwand, Melissa Fearon, Shaneill Floyd-Wlazlak, Marina Gomes, Amanda Lin, Leah Pritchard, Melissa MacKenzie, Rochelle Richardson, Kai Taddei, Haley Vincent, Emma Welsh and Arielle Zamora.

Applications for the 2019-20 Young Innovators Program are now open

Spend the 2019-20 season with Nightwood Theatre. During the year you will get an inside look into the creative process; learn the essential skills necessary to run a theatre company; and become an ambassador for Canada’s National Women’s Theatre. Nightwood is now accepting applications from next generation theatre artists (18-30) across all disciplines (directing, acting, design, stage management, etc.,) for our 2019-20 Young Innovators program.

The program is flexible throughout the 2019-20 season (September-June) and demands an overall commitment of approximately 25 hours.


• A complimentary season pass
• Attending a play development workshop with Artistic Director Andrea Donaldson
• Observing a Write from the Hip play rehearsal before it’s publicly read at the Groundswell Festival
• Facilitated workshops by Nightwood staff on marketing, outreach, fundraising, budgeting and more
• The opportunity to curate Fempocalypse: An International Women’s Day Cabaret
• Invitations to first day of rehearsal read throughs
• Various volunteer opportunities within the organization in areas such as marketing, event planning and development
• Access to Nightwood staff for consultation


We ask next generation artists (18-30) to submit electronically to Grace Phan-Nguyen at grace [at] with:

• A letter of interest
• Artistic resume
• A minute-long video describing why you want to join Nightwood’s Young Innovators team (please submit using

If you have any inquiries about the program please contact Sadie Epstein-Fine: sadie [at]

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, August 2nd, 2019 at 5pm EST

“If you’re considering applying to the YI program, definitely do. I loved being part of the program. I met incredible fellow artists who have become friends and collaborators. These relationships have extended well beyond the length of the program and have expanded my perspective of art. Thanks to the program, I was able to see awesome theatre in the Nightwood season, and was able to participate in workshops on a range of topics. The information I gleaned from those sessions have been extremely useful to my professional development. Take advantage of this great opportunity!!”

-Ellie Ellwand, 2018-19 Young Innovator

“Can I be a Young Innovator for life?”

-Brittany Banks, 2018-19 Young Innovator

“I really enjoyed the YI program: its flexibility, the chance to connect with other emerging artists, and to peek behind the curtain of Nightwood. The workshop sessions were very interesting and informative.

Organizing Fempocalypse was a really good challenge in terms of learning to work as a group. I was really proud of the results and the stressful moments all felt very worth it in the end. I learned that programming diverse artists is fulfilling not because it’s the ‘right’ (or trendy) thing to do, but because it produces the funniest, most universal, most moving experience for the audience.

I also really appreciated the season’s pass to Nightwood! And the chance to be in the office where art that I admire gets produced. It has a very positive effect to feel seen by those further down the road than oneself.”

-Ellen Denny, 2017-18 Young Innovator

“A wonderful team of artists! Between tailored workshops, producing opportunities and access to special events such as play readings/launch parties, the fierce team at Nightwood welcomed us into their community with open arms! The program provided us with a look into the inner workings of a successful Toronto based theatre company!”

-Veronica Baron, 2016-17 Young Innovator

“Being a part of the Young Innovators has made an indelible impact on me. I have been empowered, inspired, and emboldened. The women in this group blow me away, and we have created a beautiful and highly capable community that I know will endure beyond the length of the program. Like many young people in this industry, I am looking beyond performance to forge a career in theatre. Nightwood has done so much to help me envision what that path might look like and to equip with the skills I will need as my work grows to include marketing, producing, and development. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I cannot imagine this year without it!”

-Annie MacKay, 2016-17 Young Innovator

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