Children of fire podcast series

Listen to the Children of Fire podcast series. This multi-episode series directed by Beatriz Pizano, sound designed and edited by Cosette Pin features Shahrzad Arshadi, Anna Chatterton, Nyiri Karakas, Raha Javanfar and Bahareh Yaraghi

Children of Fire is an intimate portrayal of the Kurdish female freedom fighters that hosted Shahrzad Arshadi and Anna Chatterton in the mountains of Kurdistan in 2018. Co-created with a mix of verbatim theatre and first-person confessional, this play follows the journey and layered relationship across cultures between Shahrzad and Anna, and asks what is at the heart of living bravely as a woman and an activist. Folks can listen via Soundcloud by clicking the button below, or on Spotify by clicking here.

Online Talkbacks

Nightwood Theatre is delighted to offer recordings of two digital talkbacks to offer further insight into the issues explored in Children of Fire, as well as a deeper look into the playwrights’ process in creating the piece.

The first talk titled Activism & Art features Kurdish activist Kazhal Fattah, followed by a discussion with the playwrights exploring art and advocacy (this talk includes ASL English Interpretation). The second talk, Deconstructing Documentary Theatre, delivers a playwright discussion with Shahrzad Arshadi and Anna Chatterton offering and inside look into the world of creating documentary theatre (this talk includes captioning).

Dancing for Change Documentary

Dancing For Change – a documentary by Shahrzad Arshadi – is a story about secular and socialist women of the Islamic world, their ideals, activism, and visions for a better world. It focuses on six Kurdish Iranian women from three different generations. These women live with their male comrades in a mountain camp where they organize and have been fighting the Iranian fundamentalist Government since 1979. They joined the underground organization, due to the extreme oppression they have been subjected to in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Free to view on Nightwood Theatre’s website.

Runs 50 min. Original languages: Kurdish and Farsi With English subtitle

A Poem from a Freedom Fighter

Hear Kurdish actor Leyla Batgi read the poem Zendûra in Kurmanji. This is a new poem from one of the Kurdish freedom fighters who wishes to remain anonymous.

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