Lawyer Show Testimonials


“I was thrilled to be involved in the production. I learned a great deal… and was very proud of the lawyers. Doesn’t get better.”
- The Hon. Justice Gloria Epstein, Cameo Appearances

“…not only did last year’s Lawyer Show bring me new friends, it also led me to a new exciting job opportunity!”
- Anonymous, 2019 Cast Member

“For a few months each year the women at Nightwood take a group of hard-working, analytic, often stressed-out lawyers who have careers that dictate they live most waking hours in their heads, and they teach us to live in our hearts… I have left the experience with a new passion for my life in general and inspired to make other positive choices.  In short, for a few months each year, Nightwood gives us a little magic.”
- Christine Marchetti, Stanchieri Family Law

“The Lawyer Show is more than just a ‘show’; it’s an experience. Thank you to the Nightwood team and to my colleagues / cast mates for being talented, supportive, and for setting the bar incredibly high. This experience has made my first year as a member of the profession a monumental one.”
- Marco Figliomeni, Cast Member, Shaw Rocket Fund

“When I tell people how wonderful my life is, a part of me deep inside is screaming “Explain about the Lawyer Show!” But even as I try, I fail to really explain what it is, because some things cannot be explained. Some things must be experienced, and the only way to share them is a silent understanding with others who have experienced them too. And because you experienced the Lawyer Show with me you already know what I mean.”
- Dany Horovitz, Cast Member, TD Bank

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