Nightwood’s creators in residence (Lisa Karen Cox, Sadie Epstein-Fine, Teiya Kasahara and Colleen Snell) are holding auditions for their new work Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum is a hybrid dance-theatre piece. The story follows Connor and Olivia, two Gr. 12 students rehearsing for their dance school’s annual production of The Nutcracker. Both dream of being cast as The Sugar Plum Fairy, but Connor gets the part and Olivia is cast as The Nutcracker Prince. The show follows them through the rehearsal period as they both reckon with the roles they’ve been given, who they are as dancers, and who they want to be as people. Their story is told by the Corps de Ballet. The Corps are the 14-year-old dancers of the past, present and future who have never fit the mold.

Sugar Plum requires performers to be trained in ballet, however this does not have to be their current focus. The team is looking for exceptional dancers, specifically queer and trans, racialized and fat folks.

The ROLES being cast are:

CONNOR (x1)- The Sugar Plum Fairy. Cis-gendered, queer female. Trained in classical ballet. Primary text is dance, speaks in one scene.

OLIVIA (x1)- The Nutcracker Prince. Genderqueer, assisgned female at birth/cis-gendered, queer female. Trained in classical ballet. Primary text is dance, speaks in one scene.

THE CORPS DE BALLET (x4)- All genders. All body types. Trained in classical ballet. Must be comfortable speaking and dancing simultaneously. 

Folks selected for an audition will receive audition materials to send in a video submission.

Performers must be available from April 3-23, 2022 to workshop Sugar Plum

Anyone interested in auditioning should email Sadie: by Jan 12th, 2022. The email should include your headshot and resume and your preferred audition date and time. If selected for an audition their team will get back to you with audition materials.

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