THE TRANSFORMATION PROJECT: This Morning by Brefny Caribou, with Sound Editing by Paddy MacDonald

This Morning The truth of this land is continuing to be unearthed, truth I’ve known my whole life, told in parts, passed down through my family around kitchen tables and cups of tea. After the news from Kamloops at the beginning of the summer, some days it was hard to get out of bed. This is the story of one of those days. We are still here.

Brefny is a Cree/Irish-settler performer and creator from Toronto. She holds an MFA in Acting from York University. With curiosity, patience and lots of humour, Brefny focuses her attention on works surrounding identity and decolonization, striving to evolve her artistic practice on the regular. She has had the privilege of working across the country with many notable companies and collectives including Theatre Kingston, Urban Ink and Caravan Farm Theatre. Brefny is also a co-creator of The Solitudes (Aluna Theatre/Nightwood Theatre), a collective-creation piece centred around the histories of eight ensemble members, inspired by the world of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, which had its world première in January 2020. Most recently, Brefny participated in Aluna Theatre’s Winter Artist Residency, and she is currently a part of Native Earth Performing Arts’ Animikiig Creators Unit.


Language: English with English Subtitles.

This Morning was commissioned by Nightwood Theatre for the national Transformations project, hosted by the National Arts Centre of Canada. This project features work from some of Canada’s most innovative artists in video, audio and text. It is a response to a provocation by Canadian playwright David Yee, who asked everyone: “What would it take to transform our society for the betterment of all?”

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