Groundswell 2017-2018

Nightwood Theatre presents
September 26 – October 1, 2017 at The Ernest Balmer Studio

1st column, from left to right: Andrea Donaldson
2nd column, from left to right, top to bottom: Gitanjali Lena, Michelle Langile and Deanna Kruger
3rd column, from left to right, top to bottom: Hannah Rittner, Elena Belyea, and Lisa Ryder

Nightwood Theatre opens their 38th season with Groundswell: Write from the Hip Reading Series, from September 26 – October 1, 2017, at The Ernest Balmer Studio in The Historic Distillery District.

Kicking off the festival, Nightwood will host a season launch party Monday, September 25 at 6pm, and give an exclusive inside look at the artists behind our captivating upcoming season.

Our festival of contemporary women’s theatre features readings from Nightwood’s 2016-17 Write from the Hip playwrights. Facilitated by dramaturge and director, Andrea Donaldson, this yearlong script development program supports emerging playwrights in completing a full play. The festival offers up new plays from Michelle Langille (Ten Days), Elena Belyea (Nausea), Lisa Ryder (Wild Oxen), Deanna Kruger (The Sword-Bearers), Gitanjali Lena (Leopards and Peacocks) and Hannah Rittner (The Life and Death of Ana Petrovna).

Click Here for Groundswell 2017-18’s Program

Facilitated and directed by Andrea Donaldson

Tickets to readings are pay-what-you-can and are available at the door / cash bar
Ernest Balmer Studio, 9 Trinity Street, #315, The Historic Distillery District

Monday, September 25, 6 - 8pm – Season Launch Party
Celebrate our season’s launch with an exciting gathering of artists and theatre-lovers. Enjoy social revelry and hear from Nightwood Theatre AD Kelly Thornton and the artists of the 2017-18 main stage season. Meet the Write from the Hip playwrights and the participants of our new Young Innovators Program, and raise a glass to powerful theatre by women.

Tuesday, September 26, 7pm – Ten Days by Michelle Langille
During the ten days it takes Henri of France to die from a lance wound, power shifts among the three women closest to the throne: his neglected wife Catherine de Medici, his mistress of twenty years Diane de Poitiers, and seventeen-year-old Mary Stuart who will become Queen.

Wednesday, September 27, 7pm – Nausea by Elena Belyea
Years after her assault, Aidan’s rapist appears seeking reconciliation. The smoke is thick and the town is burning. What will it take to put it out?

Thursday, September 28, 7pm – Wild Oxen by Lisa Ryder

The story of an avant-garde performance artist whose grandmother’s death forces an apocalyptic confrontation with her Mennonite upbringing, and shunning from the faith.

Friday, September 29, 7pm – The Sword-Bearers by Deanna Kruger
An exploration of the interior lives of two neighbours: a young entomologist with postpartum depression and an older woman awaiting her son’s trial for a violent crime.

Saturday, September 30, 4pm – Leopards and Peacocks by Gitanjali Lena
Leopards and Peacocks surrounds the experiences of a Sri Lankan Tamil queer femme hustler, an anxious mother, an ambitious girlfriend and a gender non-conforming teenager, as they struggle to discern the difference between coping and healing. A time-travelling narrator and a chorus of magical Aunties help them navigate social services and social expectations in this dark comedy.

Sunday, October 1, 4pm – The Life and Death of Ana Petrovna by Hannah Rittner
The Life and Death of Ana Petrovna is a story about heartbreak and fantasy. It’s 1899 at the Moscow Theatre and Sarah Bernhardt is in the midst of starring as Hamlet in her controversial international tour. Ana Petrovna, a devoted young patron has been attending every show hoping to meet the famed Bernhardt. After an encounter with Alexandr, the theatre’s lobby pianist, Ana may finally get her chance.

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