Nightwood Theatre has made accessibility and inclusivity a top priority. We are committed to eliminating barriers to our programming and facility and ensuring an enjoyable experience for all of our patrons. If you have any seating requirements, please inform Amanda at when purchasing your tickets. We always remain open to your comments, suggestions, improvements and feedback. If you have any concerns, access needs or a question about accessibility, please feel free to contact one of our staff members.

Facility Access

Nightwood Theatre’s business office (please note our plays are not performed at this address)
Nightwood Theatre’s business Office is located in the heart of the Distillery District and can be accessed through the doors at 15 Case Goods Lane. We are located on the third floor in Studio #306.

The Ernest Balmer Studio
The Ernest Balmer Studio can be accessed through entrances at 9 Trinity Street & 15 Case Goods Lane, and is located on the third floor. For more information, please visit:
Please enter via 15 Case Goods Lane for Elevator access to the Ernest Balmer Studio. Please note that the bathrooms at 9 Trinity and 15 Case Goods Lane are not barrier-free as they do not have automated push-buttons.

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre’s facility is fully accessible to audience members, and the cabaret stage is also accessible to performers. Both of the performance venues offer seating at floor level. The entrance is accessed by ramp for all patrons. Washrooms are located on the lower level, which can be reached by attendant-operated elevator. Some stalls are equipped with bars and provide extra space, though patrons with larger mobility devices may find it a tight fit. The washroom facilities are not designated by gender and all patrons are free to use the washroom of their choosing. Both washrooms are equipped with private stalls (including larger stalls that accommodate mobility devices) and communal sinks, one washroom is equipped with urinals that can be used by people of any height. For more information, please visit:

Entrance doors to the building where theatre is located are not power assisted.
Ramp access to the theatre’s Box Office and to theatre’s entrance.
Wheelchair accessible on main floor.
Wheelchair seating can be accommodated with advance booking through the box-office. Seating may vary according to the configuration of the house.
Infrared hearing devices are available. Please notify one of their Front Of House staff at the time of entry to arrange device pick-up prior to the performance.
Wheelchair accessible restrooms can be found just outside of the theatre, entry is not power assisted.
Please note that there are no elevators in the theatre.
For more information, please visit:

Streetcar Crowsnest is fully wheelchair accessible, and meets Ontario’s building code standards.  All entrances have push-button automated doors allowing for a barrier-free path of travel. Wheelchair accessible seating is available for all performances in the facility.  To reserve a wheelchair accessible seat(s), please email or call 647 341 7390 ext. 1010. For more information, please visit:

Support Persons

A person with a disability who is accompanied by a personal support person are welcome. At no time will a person with access needs be prevented from having a Personal Assistant or Support Person with them while accessing events, shows, or the building. Personal Assistants and Support Persons accompanying a person with diverse abilities will be admitted at no cost. If booking your tickets in advance, please indicate that this extra seat will be required at

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