Nightwood Theatre is embarking upon a strategic planning process which will support us in delivering programs that meet the needs of our communities.

Phase 1 – Metcalf Foundation – Staging Change – Phase 1 & 2 – Completed June 2021

Nightwood participated in Metcalf Foundation’s Staging Change – a multi-year strategic granting initiative offered in collaboration with EmcArts, who has a North American practice focused on innovation and adaptive learning in the arts and culture fields. Through a series of workshops with other theatre companies and an internal process to explore growth opportunities.

Phase 2  – Community Check In Survey and Focus Groups  – In progress, to be completed June 2022, led by Sedina Fiati

The Community Check In process will consist of a survey and focus groups in late June 2022. We are looking for a snapshot of our communities, identifying demographic information and needs. The survey will be anonymous and information from the focus groups will be shared anonymously with the Nightwood team. Focus groups will be concentrated on those who identify as belonging to *equity owed groups.

Please click here to fill out the survey.

Phase 3 – Review of survey and strategic planning sessions with Nightwood Staff and Board – July – October 2022, led by Sedina Fiati and Jeanne LeSage

We will review the results of the survey which will inform strategic planning sessions with staff and board.

Phase 4 – Release of Strategic Plan, including survey results – November 2022

We will share our strategic plan for 2023 – 2026, identifying key goals and themes as well as share some survey results.

*Equity-owed groups as defined those who have experienced systemic and ongoing oppression and exclusion. In the Canadian context, these groups are defined as: Indigenous people, Black people, racialized people, D/deaf people, disabled people, those experiencing mental illness, seniors, working class/low income earners, those who are part of the LGBTQI2S+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, 2 Spirit) community, especially those who identify as trans and those who sit at the intersections of various marginalized identities. Using an intersectional feminist lens, we seek to create a more welcoming environment through removing barriers and expanding opportunities for participation and leadership in live performance.

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