Six women wearing formal gowns standing on a cafeteria table. Stage photo.
Rachel Mutombo, Emerjade Simms, Tatyana Mitchell, Natasha Mumba, Melissa Langdon and Bria McLaughlin in School Girls: Or, The African Mean Girls Play. Obsidian Theatre in association with Nightwood Theatre. Photo by Cesar Ghisilieri.

Our Mission

As Canada’s foremost feminist theatre, Nightwood provides an essential home for the creation of extraordinary theatre by women (*women including, but not limited to, trans, cis, Two-Spirit, non-binary and gender diverse folks).

Our Vision

To be a world-renowned cultural centre for provocative theatre, bringing audiences, artists, and activists together to elevate women’s voices.

Lara Arabian, Michelle Polak, and Liliana Suarez Henao posing with their biceps. Stage photo.
Lara Arabian, Michelle Polak and Liliana Suarez Henao in The Solitudes. An Aluna Theatre production in association with Nightwood Theatre. Photo by Jeremy Mimnaugh.
Japjit Kaur in a flowy gown in front of bus seats. Stage photo.
Japjit Kaur in Nirbhaya. Assembly, Riverside Studios and Poorna Jagannathan, presented by Nightwood Theatre and Amnesty International. Photo by William Burdett Coutts.
Andrew Moodie kissing Meghan Swaby on the side of her head. Stage photo.
Meghan Swaby and Andrew Moodie in Calpurnia. Nightwood Theatre. Photo by Dahlia Katz.

Our Values


We use theatre to provoke a deeper conversation about the diversity of our lived experiences.


Our theatre empowers audiences and artists alike by giving voice to varying perspectives, and offering opportunities for growth and a space to connect.


We promote intersectional feminist values and equity. We believe theatre is a potent vehicle to challenge historical and systemic power imbalances in all aspects of what we do.


We are committed to produce art that is driven by - and that gives voice to - the diverse society we live in.


It is critically important to operate with integrity, be truthful in our interactions and accountable for our actions.


It is our responsibility to create meaningful opportunities for women in our field, prioritizing folks with numerous intersecting identities. This value shapes our hiring practices, and the mentoring and sharing of knowledge with emerging talent in order to seed a new generation of Canadian theatre practitioners.


All of our relationships, whether with artists, producers, employees, donors or audiences must be conducted with full transparency, open communication and an emotional intelligence that approaches human relationships with fairness and collaboration.

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