Nightwood Theatre is proud to participate in the Ontario Arts Council’s Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators program (formerly known as Theatre Creators’ Reserve). As a third party recommender, we are able to allocate funds based on the merit of project and subject to final approval at the council level.

Submissions for the 2020 OAC’s Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators Program

As a feminist theatre company, Nightwood encourages applications from anyone that self-identifies as having lived experience that is touched by womanhood – this could include but is not limited to trans, cis, 2S and non-binary folks. We will be prioritizing folks from the Deaf and disability communities and IBPOC women.

Program for: Individuals and Collectives

Purpose: To assist theatre creators to develop new work.

Eligibility: The program assists Ontario-based professional theatre creators, and informal collectives of creators, by funding them to create work. This is a third-party recommender program.

Deadline: November 05, 2020 at 1 PM

Artists are strongly encouraged to review the Ontario Arts Council detailed description with guidelines

Please note the following significant changes:

*Applications must now be submitted to recommenders through Nova, OAC’s online grant application system.
*Recommenders no longer notify applicants directly. All applicants will be notified by OAC through their Nova account.

Submission Requirements

Complete and submit an application in Nova, OAC’s online grant application system. Before applying, you must create or update your profile in Nova.

Please note:

  • Alongside the submission questions found in Nova, you are required to submit a CV(s).
  • Required Support Material: Maximum 10-page script sample OR 7 minute video/audio sample.

Criteria we consider when selecting playwrights/creators:

  • Playwright’s/Creator’s craft
  • Interest in content, plot, themes
  • Clarity of artistic goals
  • Potential of project
  • Innovation and diversity in storytelling (both stylistic and/or cultural)

All applications will be assessed and recommended by the advisory committee and dollar amounts will be determined by the scope of the project. Requests can be for $1000-$5000, but projects will not be reviewed until our submission deadline. Please note that Nightwood traditionally recommends between $1000 and $2000.

This program is not intended to accommodate some kinds of activities that the OAC Theatre Projects program funds. Please confirm all details directly on the Ontario Arts Council’s Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators page. 

For more information please contact Naz Afsahi at

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