Nightwood Theatre is delighted to offer two digital talkbacks to offer further insight into the issues explored in Children of Fire, as well as a deeper look into Shahrzad Arshadi and Anna Chatteron’s process in creating the piece.

Our first talkback, titled Activism & Art is a discussion with Kurdish activist Kazhal Fattah, who gives deeper insight into the struggles Kurds have endured to maintain their culture and language, and the ways in which they have attempted to forge a future that protects their culture, gender equality and human rights. Her offering is followed by a Q & A period with Children of Fire playwrights Shahrzad Arshadi and Anna Chatterton examining the relationship between art and activism.

ASL-English Interpretation is provided for this video.


Nightwood’s second talkback, titled Deconstructing Documentary Theatre, delivers a playwright discussion with playwrights Shahrzad Arshadi and Anna Chatteron offering and inside look into the world of creating documentary theatre.

Click the CC button in the bottom right corner of the video to turn on subtitles.

Closed captioning is provided for this video.

Please note this discussion was part of a larger Zoom event that was unrecorded, so the video cuts straight to the discussion without a deep introduction.

Deconstructing Documentary Theatre Talkback

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