Six girls in school uniforms sit at a cafeteria table.
Rachel Mutombo, Emerjade Simms, Tatyana Mitchell, Natasha Mumba, Melissa Langdon and Bria McLaughlin in School Girls: or, the African Mean Girls Play. Obsidian Theatre in association with Nightwood Theatre. Photo by Cesar Ghisilieri.

School Bookings

Nightwood believes in the power of young people. Our programming offers special opportunities for youth to connect with thought provoking contemporary theatre. Our student matinees involve youth as an audience in an interactive manner. We provide in-depth study guides and ‘talk backs’ where youth receive a well-researched curriculum based text on the production and participate in an interactive Q&A forum with actors and creators post-performance. As well, our mandate to produce essential theatre by women and our dedication to diversity, advocacy and equality lets students of all genders and all ethnicities know that their stories are being told onstage.

For school booking Information, please contact our Director of Communications & Engagement, Taylor Trowbridge, at

Education Guides

2019-2020 Season

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