What is your vision for liberated feminist futures?

Inspired by discussions at our last Feminist Unconference in response to the above question, and curated by Sedina Fiati, we at Nightwood turn this question to you, our community. We’re seeking a multitude of responses – we want to create something with you that is stirring and beautiful. 

Answer the question in a word (or several words). These responses will be offered as inspiration to a poet, visual artist, and sound designer, who will craft our collective cris de coeur into various mediums (including a lovely tote bag!).

We welcome contributions from everyone, artists, non artists and creative people of all types.

If you have any questions, please contact sedina@nightwoodtheatre.net

How to participate:

  • Craft your word(s) or sentence in response to: What is your vision of liberated feminist futures?
  • Contribute your answer that ranges from one word to a maximum of 20 words. It could be a complete thought or a series of words. Whatever comes to mind. 
  • Click the button below to fill out the Liberated Feminist Futures form with your response, name, email address and mailing address.
  • All contributors will receive a copy of the poem and a tote bag at the conclusion of the project.

By contributing to this project you agree to the following:

  • Your contribution may be shared on the Nightwood Theatre website.
  • Artists will use your contribution as inspiration for a poem, visual art piece, and audio creation.
  • You will be credited as one of the contributors. You can also choose to contribute anonymously.
  • You may collect your poem & tote bag from Nightwood or provide your mailing address for it to be sent to you.
  • Your contribution is in the spirit of sharing, generosity, and creating visions for liberated feminist futures. There is no further remuneration beyond our gift of gratitude for your contribution.

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