Three female Kurdish Freedom Fighters sit side by side inside a shelter. The one to the far left has a gentle smile. In white, the words Children of Fire is at the lower third of the image. There are beams of light around the "of" in the title that harken to the sun on the Kurdish flag.
Photo of Kurdish Freedom Fighters, 2015, by Shahrzad Arshadi

Children of Fire

A Nightwood Theatre Production with support from Aluna Theatre
Created and written by Shahrzad Arshadi and Anna Chatterton
Verbatim text translated by Shahrzad Arshadi
Directed by Beatriz Pizano
Co-Designed by Anahita Dehbonehie and Niloufar Ziaee
Stage Managed by Erika Morey
Production Managed by Tamara Vuckovic
Production Assistance by Reva Lokhande
Poetry translation by Raha Javanfar
Featuring Parastoo Amanzadeh, Shahrzad Arshadi, Anna Chatterton, Nyiri Karakas and Aida Keykhaii

June 27 – July 2, 2022
Showtimes: June 27 and 28 at 1 pm; June 29 at 5 pm; June 30 and July 2 at 1 pm.

Please note there will not be a show on July 1st
Free to attend

Children of Fire is an intimate portrayal of the Kurdish female freedom fighters that hosted Shahrzad Arshadi and Anna Chatterton in the mountains of Kurdistan in 2018. Co-created with a mix of verbatim theatre and first-person confessional, this play follows the journey and layered relationship across cultures between Shahrzad and Anna, and asks what is at the heart of living bravely as a woman and an activist.

“Freedom needs daring. If you want Freedom you need to have courage to go after Freedom.” “Medya” – Freedom Fighter

Content warning: while this show does not include any physical depiction of violence, it does include verbal recounting of violence, mental and physical torture, assault, and genocide.

Children of Fire is supported by the Toronto Arts Council’s Animating Toronto Parks grants program, which provides funding to professional artists, arts organizations, artist collectives, and non-profit organizations to create and present free arts programming in selected Toronto parks located in Etobicoke, East York, York, North York and Scarborough.

Children’s Peace Theatre is located at 305 Dawes Road. Please note that the house is not visible from Dawes Road. It is surrounded by woods and there is a long, hilly driveway leading up to it.

Parking information: There is parking lot south of the driveway leading to Children’s Peace Theatre that’s visible from Dawes Road, please park there. Parking there is free and there is a short forest path that leads to the amphitheatre. Nightwood staff will be on site to help guide folks.

TTC Access: The closest subway station is Main Street Station. From Main Street Station, take the Dawes Road # 23 bus to the Park Vista stop, and walk North (in the direction the bus was going, past the crosswalk) to the CPT driveway on your right hand side (where the sidewalk ends).

Children’s Peace Theatre’s outdoor amphitheatre has wooden benches for seating. We recommend folks bring a hat and wear sunscreen as this performance is outside. If you require special assistance please email

If you have any questions about access please contact

Nightwood staff and volunteers will remain masked onsite at Prairie Drive Park. Patrons are encouraged to practice safe gathering; including wearing a mask if they so choose.

Certain performances may be cancelled due to inclement weather. We will be notifying folks of any cancellations on this show site, on our social media platforms and via our Eventbrite registration once it is activated.

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