Three female Kurdish Freedom Fighters sit side by side inside a shelter. The one to the far left has a gentle smile. In white, the words Children of Fire is at the lower third of the image. There are beams of light around the "of" in the title that harken to the sun on the Kurdish flag.
Photo of Kurdish Freedom Fighters, 2015, by Shahrzad Arshadi

Children of Fire

A Nightwood Theatre Production with support from Aluna Theatre
Created and written by Shahrzad Arshadi and Anna Chatterton
Verbatim text translated by Shahrzad Arshadi
Directed by Beatriz Pizano
Co-Designed by Anahita Dehbonehie and Niloufar Ziaee
Stage Managed by Erika Morey
Production Managed by Tamara Vuckovic 
Featuring Parastoo Amanzadeh, Shahrzad Arshadi, Anna Chatterton, Nyriri Karakas and Aida Keykhaii

June 27 – July 2, 2022
Prairie Drive Park 

Children of Fire is an intimate portrayal of the Kurdish female freedom fighters that hosted Shahrzad Arshadi and Anna Chatterton in the mountains of Kurdistan in 2018. Co-created with a mix of verbatim theatre and first-person confessional, this play follows the journey and layered relationship across cultures between Shahrzad and Anna, and asks what is at the heart of living bravely as a woman and an activist.

“Freedom needs daring. If you want Freedom you need to have courage to go after Freedom.” “Medya” – Freedom Fighter

More details coming in June!

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