Confronting Canada Day

In light of the deeply painful and disturbing discoveries being made at residential school sites across the country, many folks have been making alternate plans to forgo celebrations on July 1st and #CancelCanadaDay. This movement seeks to use this day to honour and recognize the truth of Canada’s history through reflection, atonement, accountability and action. For a deeper dive into a range of opinions on the matter of cancelling Canada day, check out this article from CBC.

There are plenty of meaningful ways to mark July 1st – join the Digital Vigil in Solidarity with Indigenous People being hosted by New Harlem Productions, read more about residential schools with one of the books recommended on lor brand BEAD CO.’s Instagram page (and check out their stunning beadwork while you are there), support an Indigenous-owned business like Pow Wow Cafe, join the Every Child Matters Walk from Toronto Council Fire Cultural Centre (more details in the graphic below), register for the free Indigenous Canada course offered from the University of Alberta, and/or commit to reading the Truth and Reconciliation Report.

Banner artwork by renowned Haida/Tlingit artist, Robert Davidson Guud san glans entitled, “Hugging the World.”⁣ ⁣ ⁣

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