Where's Waldo book with no crowds. Illustration.

Week Three: Nightwood’s Social Distancing Care Package

Finding Ourselves in the Time of COVID-19

Losing a sense of time, finding moments of calm. Finding new levels of inner-resolve, losing it all for a moment. This incredibly strange time of isolation has us swinging between a sense of lost and found as we contend with losing our well-worn standard of “normal life” and beginning to find a whole new normal.

With that in mind we want to share these offerings below – finding something new where something else was lost, and losing our tight grip on how things have to be in order to learn new ways of peacefully existing day to day. Many of us are wrestling with a great deal of loss, but it seems we are also finding new depths as individuals and as a community.

Please click here to view our Social Distancing Care Package for week three.

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