Celebrating Black History Month – Social Distancing Care Package for Feb 10, 2021

There is so much incredible work to revel in and contemplate for Black History Month this year. We truly can not wait to bask in the epic level of Canadian Theatre glory that is Obsidian Theatre’s 21 BLACK FUTURES, premiering this Friday (more details below)! We deeply appreciated Bahia Watson’s most recent piece “tell ’em how you really feel” for her carte blanche series for Intermission Magazine – a highly recommended read that raises so many vital questions. And we were so moved by the news that Toronto’s City Council approved a pilot program that will see civilians, not police officers, dispatched to 911 calls involving mental health crises – a direct step toward societal progress that is utterly credited to the hard work and advocacy of the Black Lives Matter TO community.

Wishing you a month full of power, pleasure, and inciting bold, fierce futures together.

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