Embodying Power and Place Opens March 27! – Social Distancing Care Package for Mar 4, 2021

This month Nightwood Theatre and Native Earth Performing Arts are honoured to present Embodying Power and Place, curated by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard and New Harlem Productions.

In 2019, the federal commission on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls released their final report, Reclaiming Power and Place. In 2020 over a dozen artists from a wide range of disciplines were commissioned by New Harlem Productions to read and respond to specific chapters of the report. This digital iteration of Embodying Power and Place offers twelve audio-visual works that seek to honour the lives of the missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, Trans, and Two-Spirit people and strives to create a sacred space in which to reflect, heal, and find renewed hope.

Incorporating text, sound and imagery, Embodying Power and Place features work by incredible Indigenous creators such as Janet AntoneReneltta ArlukTara BeaganYolanda BonnellDarla ContoisDeborah CourcheneAria EvansEekwol Lindsay KnightJessica Lea FlemingFalen JohnsonÉmilie MonnetYvette NolanMichelle OlsonNatalie Sappierjaye simpson, and Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone.

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