The image shows a paper boat sailing on a dark blue ocean with a dark blue sky above. The sky is full of stars that are reflected in the water, and there are paper tears at the top corners of the sky.

Start the Season with Good Things To Do!

Nightwood is thrilled to launch our 2021-22 season with Rumble Theatre‘s imaginative and interactive online experience Good Things To Do.

Blending an ethereal sonic landscape, solitary physical environment, and an unexpected use of technology, Good Things To Do invites participants to place themselves within a dreamscape in which they possess extraordinary powers. This wondrously immersive experience is a meditation on goodness, generosity, and the struggle to stay tender in a world that asks us to be hard.

“Good Things To Do offers a welcome asylum of tenderness”
— Colin Thomas (

Running September 27 to October 2 for an audience of twelve at a time, book your $5 ticket (or gift the experience to a friend) to bask in this unique and uplifting experience! And keep an eye out throughout the season as we reveal each of the moving productions and events we have on offer one by one!

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